Giuliani Time

Some Rudy Facts:
*In 1992, police arrest 720 people for misdemeanor marijuana-related offenses.  In 2000, under the Giuliani administrations “quality of life” strategy they arrested 59,945, an increase of 4,549%. (Source: The Daily News, December 20, 2000, “Quality Crimefighting NYPD crackdown on minor offenses is paying off, by John Marzulli”)
*In 2000 one in four New Yorkers lived in poverty and the City’s poverty rate remained as high as it was during the 1989-1992 recession – 21.8%, a rate of nearly twice the national average. (Source: “One in four New Yorkers Live in Poverty” Winter 2000, Vol. 16, No.1 Community Service Society of NY report.)
*As of December 2001, in 34 separate cases the New York Civil Liberties Union went to court to challenge First Amendment violations by the Giuliani administration. The Courts rebuffed the Giuliani administration in all but 4 of the 26 cases.  (Source:  “Giuliani v. The First Amendment:  A Final Assessment,” by Donna Lieberman Dec 2001)
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