Rant Number One

November 9, 2006

With the current United States political system, there seems to be a pattern of taking natural, human rights and turning them into political issues. A few examples, off the top of my head: abortion, same sex marriage, privacy rights, freedom of speech, the list goes on and on. Just how they finagle this sort of politicalization is remarkable, and that fact that only so many people notice it is even more appalling. These rights I speak of are not necessarily inscribed in our constitution nor dependent on a ‘free’, democratic society. They’re inalienable needs, such that the only requirement is you’re a breathing creature. Weather or not two men, for example, can marry each other shouldn’t, at all, be decided by a few suits, straight suits I may add, in Washington.
The pigs on the right (and left) often cite the fact that we live in a country that allows it’s people an unprecedented amount of freedom. But in reality, they only give us what they can spare. In other words, they wouldn’t dare drop a crumb of power on the floor for us peasants to have. And there it is: power. Ultimately, I truly believe the government thinks as follows. If we have more then two parties, we could lose our jobs. If women can choose weather or not to have abortions, they may come to close to equality. If homosexual couples can get married, then they’ll surely overthrow the government, fuck us all in the ass, and turn the youth of Amerika into fags. And if we give the people absolute freedom of speech, as stated in our constitution, they may, well, who knows what kind of chaos will ensue. The Horror!!!
So, by making these human rights into debatable topics, similar to military spending or something like that, they in turn lose there humility. People begin to ask themselves what is right or wrong, who is telling the truth? It is time, maybe more then ever, that we the people, the majority, take these human, inescapable rights and needs back from the few rich, white business men that currently control it. I call on all of Amerika to agree that women should be able to choose, couples should be able to marry, no matter what they’re orientation, wire tapping and bugged phones are things dictatorships do, and censorship is a Fascist way of keeping different point of views out of the picture. Again, these are not things that only effect a couple of us. They’re rights that we all should have, weather we utilize them or not.